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Point of Rental Software UK
1st line Application/Business Support Engineer

Job Description

We are looking to fill a vacancy for a permanent 1st line application/business support position supporting our specialist hire/rental software for external customers.

The technologies involved are SQL server, Server and Client O/S (XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 2008, 2012, 2016), Crystal Reports, Terminal Services, IIS, Networking, and accounting systems such as Sage, Quickbooks, etc.

The candidate will have had prior application/business support experience supporting external customers and preferably some knowledge or awareness of the technologies mentioned previously with a higher emphasis on SQL server/database admin, Server and Client O/S and basic network troubleshooting.

The candidate should be a quick learner and a self-starter as only basic training will be available and it will be up to the candidate to make use of any resources provided in order to familiarise themselves with our software.

The candidate will be completely confident in dealing with external customers over the phone and in sometimes stressful situations.

Any prior any experience in the hire/rental industry or general “Business” experience or education would also be beneficial as the role may touch on issues such as accounting, revenue analysis, marketing, etc.

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